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Body Brilliance:
Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences
By Alan Davidson
Photography by Victoria Davis

This book is a warm, funny, encouraging, compassionate and deeply personal guide to waking your spirit fully in your body. It engages your “five essential intelligences”—physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual—and develops them fully. You feel a high level of energy when your potential is being fully expressed in one of these areas; it’s important to your happiness to identify and improve the areas in which your energy feels low or weak.

Body Brilliance is filled with inspiring stories. It tells the surprising details of people who exemplified peak development in one form or another: Olympians Jesse Owens and Wilma Rudolph for physical intelligence; Albert Einstein for mental intelligence, and Rumi and his teacher Shams for spiritual intelligence. It provides powerful yet simple ways in which you can fully engage each level, by finding the wisdom that your body is trying to communicate with you—and then living that wisdom in powerful experience through your body. It teaches you to pay attention to your unique individual patterns, listening deeply to your body’s messages.

Body Brilliance is also full of practical exercises to awaken each level, and to encourage you to find your personal levels of peak expression in that domain. When you wake up fully in your body, and harmonize all five layers, you discover a result that is more than the sum of the parts; you fall deeply in love with being alive, and infatuated with being fully present in your life.


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